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An industrial solution for salt hits up giant output with better separation performance

An industrial solution for salt hits up giant output with better separation performance

This is an art of precision separation in this field, Navector’s NPFS performs quality separations, high yield, aggressive screen cleaning, long-lasting which is designed to meet the larger output, higher-density and precision sieving of the manufacturers for industrial production purpose, capacity up to 360tons/hour. The particle shape could be ball, bar, slip, columnar, irregular shape and fragile character material and more. It widely applies to manufacture urea, salt, soda, ceramic site, plastic pellets, slip in production.

Navector’s design of this giant sifter for Long Great with 3 layers of increasing aperture screens mounting that grades salt particles into 3 sizes, over 0.85mm, 0.3-0.85mm and under 0.3mm. It required to handle over 50 Ton/hr capacity meanwhile bring up a precision performance on each size of particle being processed for the best classifying result- 95% more under 0.85mm particles accuracy, 90% 0.3mm size of particles must be contained by all collected undersize output. Navector decides to have this monster carried with rubber ball cleaning function which safeguards the classifying quality and productivity.        

The reciprocating curve motion empowers NPFS sifter to handle the most difficult sieving task with O and I motion combination. The feeding salt goes into an almost circular path as it begins traveling and gradually changing into a straight line path that material travels. Over 0.85mm salt travels on downward angle deck and goes downward oversize discharge end meanwhile under 0.85mm salt is increasingly falling through the deck as it travels from feed end. The falling salt particles goes the same path on second deck under, over 0.3mm salt particles goes along the deck to the collector. In order to enhance throughput rate of under 0.3mm particles, we have jumping ball cell built up firmly underneath the second deck for de-blinding sieve, securing 95% under 0.3mm material falls through the second deck to the undersize collector.

Adding value for money--NFPS sifter made of stainless steel 316 constructs for material (salt) requirement in this project that safeguards the salt contamination-free as well as longer lasting the machine usage upto 8 years, plus its performance and separation methodology gives Long Great the salt quality and reputation safeguard.

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