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An unparalleled project design for securing quality and output rate of silicon carbide

An unparalleled project design for securing quality and output rate of silicon carbide

Navector’s design of separation plant for China giant producer and supplier PV Material S&T Co., Ltd

As an promising supplier in solar PV, semiconductor, piezoelectric crystal field, PV S&T demands 89 sets of UCS1000 Separators (Ultrasound Vibrating sieve) from Shanghai Navector Electrical & Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd for processing Sic at size of 600 mesh with requirement under Japanese standards.

In order to meet JIS standard required 600 # of Sic contents d50 ranging from 18.5-21.5 and 3000t/month productivity, Navector comes up the solution with ultrasound system installed for each 1000 diameter vibrating sieve machine to provide much higher throughput without sieve blinding issue during production, combined with 8 groups of stepped design, every 2 sets in series processing the material falling from the dryer by gravity--the finished material falling to collector from lower position’s UCS machine where secures the sieved 600# material from upper position UCS, oversize Sic are separated traveling back to mill in circulation.

PV S&T’s products are mainly focused on domestic solar PV industry as well as Japan and regions of the photo-voltaic industry with advantages of 1.Raw material in high purity, big crystalline size. 2.Equivalent sharp edges. 3.Equilibrium in particle distribution.

As China top manufacturer of vibrating filters, sieves and separators, located in Shang Hai, Navector is blessed with advantages of geographical and FTA policy which enable us to make the best quality of machines due to growth of business opportunity based on a number of manufacturing and technical practices. Navector produces machines to improve product quality, strengthen productivity, safeguard liquids and powders are contamination-free.